Program Themes

The Professional Fellows Program is administered by American Councils under the themes of Governance and Society and Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Governance and Society

Applicants for the Governance and Society theme can include professionals involved in the legislative process; governance; public administration; policy making; political campaigns/political parties; the legal field; journalism; non-governmental organizations; innovation and technology; or empowering women, children, minorities, persons with disabilities, and marginalized populations.

The Governance and Society theme is open to citizens and residents of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, and Ukraine


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Applicants for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship theme can include professionals involved in entrepreneurship; small and medium enterprises; start-ups; incubators/accelerators; social entrepreneurship; business administration; business education; community training programs; and non-governmental organizations..

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship theme is open to citizens and residents of Belarus and Russia. 


Please see your country page for more details!